Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Can I use an alcohol based solution to clean the blades?

    Yes, you can use an alcohol based solution in the Rinse Stand. You can also mix isopropyl alcohol with water to create your own rinsing solution.
  • How do I clean the blades?

    We advise you to use rinse stand and clean the blades with cool water. The Platinum rinse stand is compatible with all skull shaver products. If you have a 5 head blade, turn the shaver on and dip the running blades in the Rinse Stand or a bowl of water. Let the blades run for 30 seconds to a mi...
  • Should I oil my blade? How frequently should I oil the blades?

    Adding oil to your blades can help keep them running smooth and give you the longest blade life. We recommend the following oiling intervals to keep your blade running smooth for the longest time possible: - Normal usage (Shave every 2-3 days): Once a month  - Daily usage: Once every 2 weeks  - ...